Updated: Aug 20, 2014

YTS Christmas Party
December 8, 2012
at the Youbou Community hall in Youbou.
P lease bring a donation for the food hamper and it is a POT LUCK meal...
We do have the Bowling alley again this year.
Doors at 5pm, eat at 6pm

Latest media release:
Activists commemorate formation of “Tree-Huggers and Tree-Cutters Alliance” on 10 year anniversary of Youbou sawmill’s closure on Vancouver Island

The regular Wed. evening meetings are now held on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays, of the month. 7pm, same place.

Eye Opener Films
Thurs.Jan 20, 2011

Ban Log Exports
March & Rally

Latest Minutes

The lates TimberLess Times, 2008 April, Volume 5, Issue No.1

The CVRD Environment Commission needs your help

It is unconscionable that the BC government continues to permit the subdivision of productive working forest land...

Celebration of a YTS Champion

Youbou TimberLess featured in the British Columbia Forests Society newsletter.

Thousands of logging truck loads taken out of our forests each week. Where are they going?




In 2002 the Vancouver Sun reported the BC Liberals allowed the highest amount of raw log export on record – 3.7 million cubic metres, which translates to 100,000 full truckloads, enough to employ almost 4000 people and run 6 sawmills.

During this time period, the Liberals destroyed the “social contract” for BC’s forests, removing longstanding provisions to ensure local people benefit from public forests. This promises devastation for BC’s communities

We should know. In 2001 TimberWest closed our Youbou sawmill in order to export more raw logs. The government refused to act, preferring to turn a blind eye to its obligations to make the company keep local jobs.

Now, we’re joining with workers from other communities that are getting a raw deal from increased corporate control over our forests and who are also watching logs speed by them on the highway heading for distant mills. We are joining forces with like-minded people everywhere who believe in public control over our resources. Solutions are out there. We need you to join us in our struggle to make sure they are implemented.

Evening Meeting Schedule dates

The following dates and times refer to the regular meetings held at Ken's house. If a meeting has  been cancelled or re-scheduled we'll post it here.

Meetings are held every
Wednesday at 7pm

No Meeting Aug 20, 2014.


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